We have visited Greece in 2011 – fretting over our first big showcase – at Womex in Thessaloniki, full of faith that Polish traditional music has a potential to be known and appreciated in the world. It seems that our dream is becoming true, and despite the Covid difficulties, we managed to return to Greece this year – this time to Kavala, to the COSMOPOLIS festival.

Since July 2000, the Kavala Commune and the Kavala Public Benefit Organization – Dimofelia is organizing the COSMOPOLIS festival on the Panagia Peninsula in Kavala. It is a multidimensional festival that gathers tens of thousands of visitors of all ages in the city. It is celebration of music, art, meeting cultural diversity and participation. The festival runs from May to December and is complemented by all musical genres, but also other arts. During the previous editions of Cosmopolis, many Greek and international stars have been hosted. It attracts Greeks from all over the country, as well as crowds of tourists visiting this region every year.


We would like to thank the Adam Mickiewicz Institute for co-financing our trip as part of the “Polish Culture in the World” program.