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From Mozart to Kolberg or the country ball

This program was created at first for the Mozartiana Festival (organized by Chamber Choir from Gdańsk).

We can hear Mozart’s music even in rural settings, but can we find folk music in Mozart’s scores? A concert by Polish and Austrian musicians proves that the borders between music genres are very thin or even non-existent. Is the joy deriving from folk music different from the one deriving from jazz or classical music? This is one unforgettable ball.


Janusz Prusinowski Kompania
Simon Wascher
Hermann Haertel
Albin Paulus
Marcin Pospieszalski


Ländlerische Tänze KV 606
Deutsche Tänze KV 602
Zwölf Duos für zwei Hörner KV 487
Fragmenty Czarodziejskiego fletu
Fragmenty z Bauernhochzeit
i inne utwory

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