Project Description

Concert “Kujawy” – featuring Justyna Piernik and/or Warszawa Wschodnia group

The region of Kujawy has left a deep mark on Polish music (among others), even though village musicians perpetuating its tradition are virtually gone now. The passionates of Kujawy music can only rely on archive records and commentaries to music notations.
Thanks to the work of Justyna Piernik, Ewa Grochowska, Janusz Prusinowski and the members of their bands, it is possible to revive the songs and melodies that once resounded in the homeland of Chopin’s mother. It is also possible to ask questions about the future of this music. Tempo rubato, the “singsong” style of lyrical and ritual songs, traces of modal and microtonal scales, variants of melody, embellishments and ornaments – all these traits make the music of Kujawy an exceptional phenomenon, a style incredibly demanding in terms of technique. The concert is a proposal to read the style of Kujawy, to put its sound and movement in practice, and to restore the music to its original vigor, intensity and validity.


Janusz Prusinowski Kompania (3 to 5 musicians)
Justyna Piernik – vocals
Warszawa Wschodnia (East Warsaw) Band (5 members)

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