Project Description

From berek* to oberek – a concert for children

How to dance oberek, and how not to feel dizzy doing it? What is the difference between kujawiak and mazurek? Where does the music come from in the hurdy-gurdy? What games did the children play in the past and what songs did they sing? Which body parts are used in klapok dance? Can a fiddle talk?

Answers to these, and many other questions will be given during a concert-meeting-party with Janusz Prusinowski Kompania (at times featuring Kaja Prusinowska). The audience will be introduced to various instruments: drum, baraban, folk bass, fiddle, shawm, harmonia, flute, wooden plank, clarinet, trumpet, hammered dulcimer and hurdy-gurdy. There will be many games and dances such as myszka, chodzony, miotlarz and many more. Lively entertainment will allow both children and parents to experience traditional music from Mazovia and adjacent regions of central Poland.

*berek = tag (game)

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