Project Description

“Inspired by Lutosławski”

Grażyna Auguścik Orchestar

Practicing and performing traditional village music of Poland allows us to touch elements an potentials which on one hand expose us to new perpectives on sound, rhythm and improvisation and, on the other hand, bring the entire world of early music played by our great masters into the future. My selection of Lutosławski’s traditional songs for this project was guided by two criteria: firstly, the presence of particular melodies and performing techniques in the compositions of Witold Lutosławski, and secondly, the none-too-widely-known qualities of Polish village music which in the first half of 20th century formed a natural context for the composition culture as such. When listening carefully, one discovers in it rhythmic structures that verge on rubato, variable improvisation, or a sense of presence of both major and minor keys in a single tonality. One can also feel in it – or so I hope – an intense presence of people: musicians, singers and dancers.
Janusz Prusinowski


Grażyna Auguścik – lead vocal
Jan Smoczyński – piano, keyboards, percussion, programming, voice
Wojciech Pulcyn – double bass
Tomasz Waldowski – drums
Sylwia Smoczyńska – vocal
Janusz Prusinowski- violin, accordion, lead vocal (5,6)
Michał Żak – clarinet, wooden flute, shawm
Piotr Piszczatowski – baraban drum, frame drum
Piotr Zgorzelski – folk bass
Dawid Lubowicz – violin, vocal
Mateusz Smoczyński – violin, vocal
Michał Zaborski – viola, vocal
Krzysztof Lenczowski – cello, vocal


1. Wee Oats (triptych I)
2. Dance Pieces 4
3. Dance Pieces 3
4. Lasowiak dance (from Rzeszów region)
5. Rose
6. Johnny has arrived
7. And in this Well (triptych II)
8. Hurra Polka
9. Gale
10. Bumblebee
11. Pipe
12. Little Cuckoo (triptych III)
bonus track:
13. And in this Well (radio edit)

recorded: April 2013 at the Tokarnia Music Production in Nieporęt (Poland)
recording, mix and master: Jan Smoczyński
design: For Tune
translations: Małgorzata Pawlikowska

For Tune production 2014