In May 2015, the “Play by Ear” children’s theatre is going to visit Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, to perform “Kusy Janek” – a show consisting of old songs, dances and children’s games, which is going to be a journey not only in space, but also in time. We will be looking for friends in all the places that we’re going to visit, and we are sure we will find them. We hope to give you joy and happiness. See you in Viljandi, Tartu, Kaunas, Riga and Warsaw!

Kaja and Janusz Prusinowscy (games, vocals and various instruments)
Piotr Piszczatowski (games,vocals and various instruments)
and puppets

We will be supported by:
Maarja Saarv, Estonia (fiddle, vocals, old games)
Lean Barbo, Tallin (bagpipes, fiddle)

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