This time we will rediscover the Polish Atlantis of Kujawy (Kujawska Atlantyda) with Warszawa Wschodnia and their guests. All in Kraków!

Father: Zdzisław Piernik – an exceptional performer and author of contemporary music; his daughter: Justyna Piernik – a renowned interpreter and lover of traditional folk music. Together, they created a project focused on the search for their own cultural and family roots. They are supported by a group of friends, also known on the music scene.

Kujawska Atlantyda is an exceptional and fascinating artistic project, an attempt at reconstruction, reinterpretation and revival of the traditional Kuyavian music in its natural context.

Kujawska Atlantyda | 9th July | 19.00 | Galicia Jewish Museum | ul. Dajwór 18, Kraków