On Saturday 6th of August it is best to meet at OFF Festival in Katowice – 6.45PM, Experimental Stage.

And this is how OFF invites YOU to our concert:

“JANUSZ PRUSINOWSKI KOMPANIA describes itself as the disciples and successors of village musicians, but they’re also an avant-garde act with an original sound and their own improvisational language. They speak the truth. Led by Janusz Prusinowski, the group creates original and compelling reinterpretations of folk music from central Poland: hence the enthusiastic reviews of the albums Mazurki, Serce, and Po kolana w niebie, as well as warm receptions from audiences all over the world. If you’re the kind of person who wouldn’t be caught dead dancing the mazurka, we hope to see you front and center, and we’re willing to bet you’ll give it a shot.”


And here is the music invitation: