Tour in Japan

22 May, 2019|

Thanks to the fantastic work of our agent Yoko Nozaki (The Music Plant) and the great support of  Adam Mickiewicz Institute in June we will have 5 concerts and a dance workshop in Japan. SCHEDULE: 8th [...]

Folk Phonogram of the Year for our last album “In the Footsteps”!

10 May, 2019|

We are happy to announce that our latest album "Po śladach" received the first prize in the Polish Radio competition for the Folk Phonogram of the Year for 2018. We invite you to the concert [...]

A promotional tour in Japan

27 March, 2019|

In March, we visited Japan to provide several interviews promoting our June tour. We will be touring in Tokyo and several other places, more information soon.

Dance Paths – Baltic Net – Sweden

05 March, 2018|

October 2018 – violin, drum and dance workshops in Folkhogskola in Skåne and Smalandia, Sweden.

100. anniversary of independance – concert in Stockholm

05 March, 2018|

15th September 2018, Stockholm, Sweden – dance workshops and concert commemorating the Polish 100. anniversary of independance folloewd by dance party to Swidish and Polish music.

Dance Paths – Baltic Net – Finlandia

05 March, 2018|

August/September 2018, Helsinki, Finland – violin and dance workshops and workshops dedicated especially for families - traditional games for adults and youngsters.

Vigüela, Maria Siwiec & Janusz Prusinowski Kompania in concert

05 March, 2018|

World premier of this thrilling collaboration, from the heart of Spain to the heart of Poland and vice versa. 27.04.2018 Warsaw, Poland More...

Dance Paths – Baltic Net – Estonia

18 January, 2018|

Violin and dance workshops in Estonia.   Tallin       14.03 - workshop and dance evening ( Hopneri Maja, Raekoja plats 18, Tallin) Viljandi  15.03 - workshop 16.03 - workshop and dance evening  

Dance Paths – Baltic Net in Stockholm

15 January, 2018|

3. 03. 2018 - music workshop KMH Folk, KMH - Kungl. Musikhögskolan 11:00 - 15:00 4. 03. 2018 - dance workshop Danskurs: danser från Polen @Stallet - Världens Musik 4. 03. 2018 - concert, dance party [...]

Dance Paths – Baltic Net – Norway

05 January, 2018|

16th - 17th February 2018 – concert with workschops of playing the violin and traditional dances at Telemark University College, Norway.

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