Welcome to the autumn edition of All the World’s Mazurkas 2016.

Janusz Prusinowski Kompania will perform there several times.

Please see details in the program below.

See you there!


All the World’s Mazurkas 2016 – AUTUMN EDITION
November 25th-26th, 2016

This year’s autumn edition of the All the World’s Mazurkas Festival combines several parallel threads. The proximity of All Soul’s day prompts memories of musicians which are no longer with us. This year during the concert on Friday 25th of November -at the Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN in cooperation with Rediscovered Music Foundation – we will evoke the memory of Jewish music, played in the villages. An important part of the second day of the festival will also be the final concert of Polish – Swedish musical project “Poland – Paths of Dance”, whose aim is to show the close association of our musical traditions. There will also be dancers and bands from Mazovia, which are at the heart of the All the World’s Mazurkas \since its inception in 2010. Led by their music workshops, dance and vocal fills a full Saturday (November , 26th) . Everyone who capture and preserve theirs skills during the day , can take advantage at the very well known and traditional Dance-Night , where all rural and urban – bands will play .We hope that autumn edition of Mazurkas will charge your energy during this darker part of the year.
Janusz Prusinowski




November 25th, 2016
“Kolberg in Yiddish – a meeting with the rural Jewish music”

Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN, ul. Mordechaja Anielewicza 6, 00-157 Warsow

Organizers: Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN , Rediscovered Music Foundation Partners: All the World’s Mazurkas Foundation

18:00 Initiation – meeting, concert and film archive

Free admission

During the concert – the meeting will present the rural Jewish music and the memory of it. There will play special guests – witnesses of history: the singer Wieslawa Dycha (from Kocudza, Roztocze Lubelskie) and violinist Stanislaw Głaz ( from Dzwola, Roztocze Lubelskie) and Wojcik brothers (from Radom) who that Jewish music played in the villages know from their father. The concert complement will be the archive video footage and the story of Andrzej Bienkowski captured in the film “Jewish music in memory of village musicians.”

Initiation concert will consist of the following parts:

– Archival film from the fieldwork conducted by Andrzej Bienkowski;

– The story of singer Wieslawa Dycha and performance: Wedding song in Yiddish, country wedding song from Roztocze;

– Performance of Stanisław Głaz (violin) and Ewa Grochowska (second violin) presenting Jewish polkas and rural melodies from Roztocze ;

– Performance of the brothers Wojcik’s (violin, harmonica, vocals) presenting Jewish melodies learned from their father, who played with the band Simsiów from Radom.

20:30 Dance Madness – dancing party

admission tickets

Jewish music from the records of Kolberg and from their own fieldwork will be played by bands : Janusz Prusinowski, Niwiński band ; Ewa Grochowska and Maciej Filipczuk and DiaBuBu.

Dancing party will be opened by the artists appearing in the concert :

– Wieslaw Dycha,

– Stanislaw Boulder,

– Brothers Wojcik’s band .

In the later part of dancing-party we will hear:

– Ewa Grochowska and Maciej Filipczuk – Lublin Jewish melodies from Roztocze and records of Kolberg;

– DiaBuBu – Jewish melodies from Łowicz;

– Niwiński band – music Simsiów brothers (from Marian Bujak, brothers Wojcik’s), Joseph Kasiak and records of Kolberg from Przysucha;

– Janusz Prusinowski Company – Jewish pieces of Oskar Kolberg research (volume Mazowsze) and Michael Rubin.


Saturday 26/11/2016


Traditional music and dance workshops from Mazovia and Sweden
Culture Promotion Centre, ul. Podskarbińska 2, 03-833 Warsow

Organizers: All the World’s Mazurkas Foundation

10:00 – 18:00 music dance and vocal workshops

conducted by masters of traditional music and their students from different regions of Mazovia and by the guests from Sweden.

”Polska – musical sources for Scandinavia”
Agricultural Library, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 66, 00-950 Warsow

Organizers: All the World’s Mazurkas Foundation

18:30 – film screening “Polska – Paths of Dance”

– documenting the course of the project “Polska – musical sources for Scandinavia”

/Free entrance/

19: 30 concert “Polska – Paths of Dance”

– finalizing a project of the same name, concerning the Polish inspiration in the Swedish traditional music.

/Ticked admission /


– Magnus Gustafsson (violin)

– Jonas Hjalmarson (violin)

– Ulrike Gunnarsson (violin, vocals),

– Olof Misgeld (violin, viola)

– Vilja-Louise Skough Åborn (vocals)

– Janusz Prusinowski (violin, lyre, founder of Prusinowski Trio / Prusinowski Company)

– Justyna Rekść-Raubo (old string instruments)

– Paul Iwaszkiewicz (former brass, restorer of sixteenth century polish bagpipes )

– Witold Broda (connoisseur of old polonaises, leader of the Band Brody)

– Justyna Piernik (traditional singing of Kujawy, Kurpie and Podlasie)

– Peter Piszczatowski (percussion).

20: 30 – 3.00 Dance Night