Wrocław – Zapomniane Miasto: Stockhausen in Gwardia and dance party in Mleczarnia

23 August, 2016|

"Zapomniane Miasto” (The Forgotten City) is a series of  12 concerts in 12 unusual urban settings, connected by one music motif „Tierkreis” („Zodiac Signs”) by Karlheinz Stockhausen, one of the best avant-garde composers of the XXth century. 28th August 2016 [...]

Janusz Prusinowski Kompania @ OFF Festival

20 July, 2016|

On Saturday 6th of August it is best to meet at OFF Festival in Katowice - 6.45PM, Experimental Stage. And this is how OFF invites YOU to our concert: "JANUSZ PRUSINOWSKI KOMPANIA describes itself as [...]

The Podlasie Octave of Cultures – workshops & concerts

18 July, 2016|

Welcome to: IXth International Festival of Music, Art and Folklore, Białystok 27th July 2016 r. (Wednesday) 10.00-17.00 h, WOAK Spodki, ul. św. Rocha 14 Ist part - Workshops of Polish traditional dance with Piotr Zgorzelski, Kompania playing 28 [...]

Kujawska Atlantyda – Etnokraków Festival

06 July, 2016|

This time we will rediscover the Polish Atlantis of Kujawy (Kujawska Atlantyda) with Warszawa Wschodnia and their guests. All in Kraków! Father: Zdzisław Piernik – an exceptional performer and author of contemporary music; his daughter: [...]

16-24th of July + 15th of August – concert tour in Spain

01 July, 2016|

We are thrilled with our upcoming tour in Spain! Thanks to the cooperation with Mapamundi Musica only in July 2016 we will  have 5 concert in Spain.. Additionally, we are well into a new Polish-Spanish cooperation related to Chopin's music - more [...]

Kompania’s concert & Melomaluszki for children – Strefa Ciszy Festival

24 June, 2016|

On the first weekend of July we will settle for a while in Łazienki Gardens. Strefa CiszyFestival invited as for a series of short concerts for the youngest children - Melomaluszki, performed with Kaja Prusinowska. Plus, [...]

Kusy Janek – Brother and Sister // Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

10 May, 2016|

In May 2015, the “Play by Ear” children’s theatre is going to visit Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, to perform “Kusy Janek” – a show consisting of old songs, dances and children’s games, which is going [...]

Starosielska Majówka – dance workshops & party in Białystok

01 May, 2016|

Welcome to  Starosielska Majówka on the 7-8th of May 2016 Saturday 7. 05. 2016 15:00-19:00 h Workshops of Traditional Dance - Piotr Zgorzelski teaching, Kompania playing limited capacity, to enroll please write here: Sunday 8. 05. 2016 15:00 h [...]

Dance Party in Wola, Warsaw

24 April, 2016|

Dance party connected to music workshops for  Polish Society of Carl Orff. Nice wooden floor - party in the school. Please take proper dancing shoes - no sharp high heels. We will play for app. 2 h. Tickets: 15 [...]

Prusinowski Kompania in Mińsk – 14th of April 2016

01 April, 2016|

We have been invited by Polish Institute in Mińsk, Belarus to perform on the 14th of April at the musicologists conference taking place in Mińsk Music Academy. More information...

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